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What does Web-Hosting mean?
Web-hosting means a placement of your Web-site or Home Page on a Web-server connected to the Internet.

How many time do you servers work per day?
Our servers are always on. Your Web-site will be available for visitors 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Efficiency of our servers and all the network conditions are under the continuous control.

Where are your servers located geographically?
We rent the servers located in USA (Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia)  with a 1000 Mbit /sec. backbones. Please note, that it is much more, than all the South Caucasus countries have altogether.

You can place an order through our Web-site, or in our office indicating your contact e-mail. We will send you all the necessary information shortly. Your account will be activated within 1 working day  after receipt of  funds on our account.

What will I benefit if I move my Web-site from Armenian ISP's to USA using your services?
You will get the better qualitative services for incomparably lower prices. It is noteworthy, that due to some reasons Web-sites hosted in Armenia are difficultly accessible from abroad, or sometimes even not accessible at all. If you host your site using our services, your visitors will obtain from 10 to 100 times faster access to your Web-site. At the same time the access speed of Armenian visitors will remain the same, as it is defined by an internet access speed and depends of its quality, but not of the geographical location of the Web-servers. It is important to note, that very soon the number of visitors of your web-site will be doubled, thus making your Web-presence more effective. Also we do not charge an extra cost for PHP, Perl, MySQL, MS FrontPage support as other providers do. Of significant importance is the fact, that with each hosting plan we provide 300 e-mail accounts and your own POP3/SMTP e-mail and  FTP servers.

How the Web-site can be moved from another ISP to your servers, including the already existed *.am domain?
The procedure of moving the Web-site with *.am domain itself is free of charge. You must be an owner of  your domain and you must select a sufficient tariff plan for your Web-site and pay for it.


Do you provide a technical support to your customers?
Sure. We do provide a first class technical support. The technical support level makes the Hosting.Am  a leading web hosting provider in Armenia. If you contact us informing about  your problems, our specialists will get in touch with you shortly to consult and help you to solve any issues concerning details of tuning and updating the Web-sites and functioning of  POP3/SMTP e-mail servers.

Who owns the domains registered by you and how long does it take for registration of domains?

We register the domains on behalf of our customers. During the registration and ordering  you must fill in the all necessary information (name, address, telephone, e-mail etc.) and it will be used for domain registration. Usually the registration of domains takes 1-4 days. After the registration is completed, you will own all the rights to manage and administrate the domain name. 

Can I change (upgrade) the selected tariff plan in future?
Sure, you can upgrade your plan at any time. You just have to inform us by e-mail and we will upgrade your plan. You must also pay the price difference between the different plans.


Payment in drams according to the current Central Bank Armenia exchange rate.
- We accept cash and/or bank transfers.

Maintenance of your account will be stopped automatically when your account balance reaches negative value. Also your account can be suspended if you
infringe the terms and conditions of an agreement.

What kind of programs can be used to upload files to the virtual server? 
You can use any FTP client software, such as CuteFTP, FAR, Total Commander, FlashFXP, WS- FTP, CoffeCup FTP.
To connect to the servers you need to know:
1. Your domain name or IP address.
2. User name (login)
3. Password

Which versions of Apache, PHP, Perl and MySql do you use on your servers? which extensions are installed ?
At the moment we have installed:
Web server Apache 1.3.27 (UNIX)
PHP 4.3.1
MySQL 4.0
Perl 5.6.1
All standard and popular packages and extensions are also installed, such as MS FrontPage 2002 server extensions). We renew our software permanently. Of significant importance is the fact, that we use only licensed software, and not pirated or cracked versions.

Do you provide "Moneyback" ?

Yes, We do provide "Moneyback" within 1 month of the date of payment for all Hosting accounts purchased from But there is no "Moneyback" for domain names.

Can I place a site with adult content on your server?  

No. In case you do so, your account will be suspended and the content of your site will be removed from the server.

Can I use my e-mail accounts for sending unsolicited e-mails (spam).
No, in case we detect you are spamming, your account will be suspended.

How can I contact you to request additional information about your services?
You can use the form below to ask your question, otherwise you can contact us through the Contacts page or by e-mail   . Alternatively you can get in touch with us by telephone in Yerevan 565501, 565502, 545577  or in our office: Moscowyan street 28, Dolphin LTD.

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From: Amber
Heckuva good job. I sure apprecitae it.

From: Harut
Do You supporting Joomla and how it\'s cost?

From: Suren
Barev Dzez! vortex es karox em log in linel! chem karxanum gtnem ayd dasht@
kanxav shnorakal em!

From: Davit Abovyan
I would like to know if you as a domain registrar can provide privacy protection for my domain name.


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